John Wayne Gacy Research Paper

Infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. He was the son of John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Robinson. Gacy and his siblings grew up with a drunken father who would beat his children if he believed they had misbehaved in someway. Gacy's father also physically assaulted his mother, the only person that truly showed affection for Gacy. Gacy's sister Karen, when interviewed on Oprah, said that the siblings learned to“toughen up against the beatings” and that “Gacy wouldn’t cry while he was being beaten.” and verbally Gacy’s father assaulted him calling him a “sissy” and saying he would “probably grow up queer.” Gacy suffered similar abuse at school, unable to play with the other children due to a congenital heart condition that his father considered as another flaw in Gacy. Gacy’s mother did her best to support him despite him clearly having developmental flaws and a strong dislike for his father and family.
When Gacy was seven he was caught sexually fondling another girl and his father whipped him with a razor strop. Ironically enough, during the same year Gacy was molested himself by a family friend who would take him for rides in his truck and fondle him. Gacy never told his father
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Almost equivalent to one from a movie where the young loner gets bullied at school because he is misunderstood or different and when he goes home his father pushes him too hard and just makes the pain worse for his son and the mother tries too hard to protect her son often leaving him feeling even more upset and angry with himself by the end of her “help”. In a movie this kind of emotional wear and tear seems to make our characters stronger and they grow from it and become great and important people in most cases however if we take off the blinders of Hollywood we can see how this kind of abuse has repeatedly caused individuals develop serious personality

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