Essay On Emotional Abuse

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Emotional abuse starting at a young age can have many negative impacts on a child. These impacts can effect their whole lives. Hornor describes emotional abuse by saying that "the weapons used against them [children] are not visual such as hands or belts but rather ugly, hurting words. although no physical pain is ever endured, the consequences can be just as severe and long lasting"(Hornor 4). Due to the actions of their parents or guardians children can grow up to have many different problems with themselves and others. The abuse can be carried down for generations until someone finally decides to get help. Abuse can also lead to many mental and emotional problems. Emotional abuse can harm children 's feelings, their mental state, and their …show more content…
After constantly being told they are "stupid", "not good enough", or "worthless" a child will start to believe it. What becomes harmful to the child according to the American Humane Association is " the persistent, chronic pattern that erodes and corrodes a child" (quoted in Gararino). The pain of what is being said starts to eat away at a child until they can no longer think straight. As June Hunt says " Emotional abuse strikes at the very core of who we are, crushing our confidence, wearing away our sense of worth, crushing our spirit" (Hunt 17-18). Children start to think everything they do is wrong and don 't think they can ever please their parent or guardian. They seek the approval of their parents which sometimes they can never get. They are always being put down and attacked by words or hurtful looks/actions. As a result of this children can begin to hate themselves. In some cases they often believe that they are the problem " They think of themselves as worthless, damaged, unloved, [ or unwanted]"( Hornor 2). Children affected by emotional abuse think something is wrong with them, when in fact it is the abuser that has the problem. Degrading looks, obscene gestures, or threatening behaviors can inflict immense pain and impede a child 's emotional growth. (Hunt 15). The actions of an abuser cause the child to feel horrible about themselves and ruin a their self esteem/self

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