The Cost Of Crime: Two Sides Of Three Concepts

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According to Agnew many concepts, also known as strains could lead towards someone committing a crime. 3 of the choices I will focus on are child abuse and neglect, homelessness, and marital problems. These 3 concepts all on their own can really drive someone towards commiting crime. But like every aspect of life all things have an opposite. Therefore I will discuss the negatative opposite of those 3 concepts. In this mini essay I will discuss both sides and justify why I picked those specific ones and how they will either prevent or cause crimes to occur.

Child abuse and neglect is something that can have a real poor affect on a person. Any person who has been abused would tell you that it leaves a lasting impact on them for numerous reasons. Some of them being the physical and mental trauma abuse has and the emotional wounds caused by being neglectged by your parents and not having them there to help you as you grow and go through the troubles of growing up. As the
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Whether that be stealing food, or buying drugs, anyone who is homeless will feel the pressure and more than likely commit an illegal act to survive. As discussed in the book, the cost of crime is low for some. Anyone who has lost everything they cherrish and deisre and who sleeps on the streets might feel that being caught committing a crime wouldn 't be the worst thing. In fact some homeless have committed crimes just so they could sleep in jail and get fed for a night. However for the individual who is not homeless, the reason to commit crtime is much less. If you are someone who has a home and a steady job, then you see crime as being too high of a risk. That you won 't commit the act because you have no need, you have everything you need to survive. For these people the punishment outweighs the reward for committing the

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