Essay on John Legends Hit Piano Ballad, All Of Me

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John Legends hit piano ballad “All of Me” is one of the most romantic love songs to be ever existed. Legend released his album “Love in the future” in 2013, his most popular song in this album was “All of Me” which was R&B, soul style. Legend 's song, "All of Me" made it to the top of the billboard music awards for top song on the radio. In the song, “All of Me”, he croons how he knows that his lady love is the one. He loves her flaws and imperfections. Even when she is yelling, screaming or driving him nuts, he still manages to love every inch of her. Taking the good with the bad is love of the most unconditional sort. Throughout the song the overall feeling and vibe it gives the listener through his beautiful soothing voice is his brutal honesty about love and how he proves that every relationship can have its issues, and you can overcome them as long as you accept each other and give it your all. In the song he demonstrates in his lyrics that two people who go through hardships together even though sometimes it doesn 't make any sense, manage to put in their all for one another because that’s what unconditional love is really about, and what he tries to convey to the listener. An interesting example Legend demonstrates to express his unconditional love is:“My heads under water, but I’m breathing fine, you’re crazy and I 'm out of my mind.” He is proving that his love is so strong that he 's able to face things head on without harm. Making the listener imagine being…

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