Analysis Of Kanye West's 'Real Friends'

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What are Real Friends?
Real Friends is a song recorded by Hip Hop artist Kanye West featuring Ty Dolla $ign from his eighth studio album. It gives the listener an insight on what West believes a real friend is and if he considers himself a real friend. West lets the listeners know that both parties take part in the rocky friendships and how both of there attitudes got in the way of there friendships. In “Real Friends” by Kanye West expresses remorseful and aggressive tones to analyze loyalty, obligation and respect that can destroy or build friendships.
West wants the world to know that they all came from the bottom. In the song West states “… we all came from the bottom I’m always blaming you, but what’s sad you’re not the problem” (West 2016). West was elaborating on how others may not have been good friends, but neither has he. West forgets to call back, but why does it take the friends weeks to call back or call West phone at all in the first place? West just feels as though they all could have handled the situation differently. In the media West is portrayed as a self centered narcissistic person he touches on that in the song and
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By the tone of his voice, West feels betrayed by his cousin he states in the song “…what’s best for your family immediate or extended any arguments the media extended it, I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f*ckin b*itches on I paid that n*igga two-hundred fifty thousand just to get if from him real friends huh?” West feels as though; people share the same blood as him will turn against him in a heart beat. West had to bribe his cousin so that the secrets on his laptop would not be releases. It is crazy how money will turn people into enemy’s people are not as real as they may pretend to be. When listening to the song the tone of it makes the listener feel his pain, hurt and sorrow. It gives an insight on how West feels on loyalty and how it should not be

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