John Kasich : The Second Amendment Essay

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It has come to the time where Americans will be trying to decide who to choose to become President. Although many will be against this year and choose not to vote, the citizens should still try and favor which candidate would be the best choice. The candidates officially running at the moment are Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz. At the moment, the polls are set high for Bernie, Donald, and Hillary. Although the polls are set high for those three, that does not mean that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out of the picture. John Kasich is the one man in this fight for the presidency that seems like he would be a great president. All of his credentials have a great effect and can change the world. Some of his great endorsements that Governor Kasich has already done with the state of Ohio are education, defending the second amendment, supporting our veterans, creating jobs, and many more.
John Kasich is very into the second amendment. Since John Kasich is a governor in Ohio, he has removed restrictions on license requirements in the state of Ohio. John Kasich disagrees with the way Obama has gone about the second amendment. “The Second Amendment is too important and Obama’s hostility to it is too well known for him to be allowed to go around Congress and undermine the Second Amendment. His efforts to expand the federal government’s interference with Americans’ Right to Keep and Bear Arms are wrong and the governor opposes them.”(Second…

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