John A Student At A University Essay

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John a student at a university has to write an essay. He gets a topic from his professor and plans to get ahead, about two hours later he has a few sentences that he has written seven times over. His head hurts and he is discouraged because his essay is not coming together. Often times students have ideas of what they want to say, but do not know how to write them down. John needs to forget that he is writing an essay for English class and simply put his ideas and thoughts on paper for all to see. An essay becomes easier to write when the main goal is to accomplish the purpose with a target audience in mind, instead of when the focus is on the length of the content. Learning different ways to organize your essay’s content to help the reader also helps you revise your paper and see what you have and what you need more information about. A writing process that you can follow for any essay is great for students that have struggled with writing essays in the past.
A process is used to make a task simpler by dividing the task into parts that can be done individually. When you start writing an essay from beginning to the end, you often get stuck figuring out how to write an introduction and it discourages you to finish the essay before you have started. Instead start your focus on your audience, writing the body paragraphs, conclusion and then write the introduction. The first draft is never perfect visit writing centers for help or ask others to help revise your essay. Also…

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