Essay on Job Satisfaction, Stress, and Motivation:

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Job Satisfaction, Stress, and Motivation:
Impacting your Performance and Commitment in the Workplace

An analysis of a current work situation

Lamorea N. Stanton
AMBA 620 – Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace
Professor Patricia McKenna
October 21, 2010


Job satisfaction, stress, and motivation are factors which can have a significant impact in the workplace as they all can impact your performance and commitment on your job. Job satisfaction, which is defined as a “pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences” (Colquitt, Lepine, & Wesson, 2011, p. 105), is determined when employees know what they value the most. Some of the top values on a job that are of
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As Colquitt et al. mentions, (2011) we spend an ample amount of time with our co-workers, sometimes as much as we do with our own family members (p. 109), and fortunately, my co-workers add to my high level of job satisfaction. Our immediate office consists of seven individuals and most important, we all are respectful of one another. We help each other with tasks and a plus is that we enjoy being around each other. The negative feelings of my job satisfaction are triggered when I think about the time constraints with this job and the unlikely hood of a promotion. It can sometimes be disconcerting to know that this position does not offer any job security as my appointment is up one of two ways: 1) if the Governor is not re-elected for a second term or decides not to run for a second term and 2) when the Governor’s second term is up. Simply speaking, the longest I will be in this position is eight years. This will bring on the stress of having to find another job in a tough economic market and it will also bring about an emotional state of sadness because of the relationships I have built with my co-workers over the years. In addition, it is relevant to mention that I have acquired a level of complacency with my job which will make it even harder when it is over.

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