Motivation Potential Paper

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Motivation in a job is very important, if you are not motivated about your job, then it will show in your overall performance. Many jobs are repetitive and that can lead to a lack of motivation to perform the job to the best of your potential. There are ways to change the overall motivating potential of a job, it just takes the organization implementing some changes that will improve the motivating potential. Motivating potential of a job is measured by five different things, these include skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback (Robbins & Judge, 2015). The motivating potential score of a job can range from 1 to 343, with the average being 128, how I compared with my classmates with my job’s motivating potential score is what I will discuss next (What’s My Job’s Motivating Potential, n.d.). …show more content…
The company needs to look at what changes need to be implemented to not only increase morale, but also have a higher motivating potential. This can be handled by implementing some job redesign, which includes job rotation or job enrichment. Job rotation gives an employee a break from doing the same task constantly and allows them to work on a different task with similar skill requirements (Robbins & Judge, 2015). Job rotation reduces boredom, increases motivation and helps employees to better understand how their job contributes to the organization (Robbins & Judge, 2015). Job enrichment expands jobs by increasing the degree to which the worker controls the planning, execution, and evaluation of the work (Robbins & Judge, 2015. This also empowers the employee since they are involved with the decisions that are made. The employee also receives feedback which helps to improve their overall job

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