Contributions And Achievements Of Motivation In The Workplace

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Human resources management is the management of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievements of organization’s strategic goals; which includes the concern of employee motivation (Dessler, G. and Chhinzer, N. 2016). Motivation is the inner force that drives individuals to accomplish personal and organizational goals (Lindner, 1998). Motivation is important in the workplace because it is the driving factor that helps an organization achieve its objectives, as well as the driving factor for harder work, productivity, a better organizational culture, retaining employees, as well as attracting new talented and skillful workers. According to a survey done by Sirota Survey Intelligence, a great majority …show more content…
Employers should acknowledge their employees work by giving them responsive feedback, rewarding them with public recognition in a meeting or in an organizational newsletter, or rewarding them with a raise, bonuses, or incentives. Employees may consider good wages to be solid feedback concerning their work as well as a reward for their ability or competence (Wiley, 1997). Appreciation helps employees develop a positive self-concept by meeting their needs for self-actualization, growth, esteem, and achievement. Recognition and rewards for worker’s contribution also strengthen a company’s reputation for caring and being concerned about its employee’s professional development. Job appraisal is the most powerful, and cost-effective way to motivate employees, however it is the most underused (Wiley, …show more content…
Due to the fact that employee motivation has a significant impact on workplace productivity in the past 40 years, there have been numerous studies and surveys done to figure out what exactly motivates employees (Wiley, 1997). In order for employees to feel motivated, their jobs must have at lease the four recruiting minimums; good pay, safe and friendly working conditions, job security and interesting work. In order to enhance motivation; three characteristics combined create psychological mindfulness and meaningfulness of a job; skill variety, task identity, and task significance. Employers or the organization must create a relationship with their employees and let them know that they have a significant role in the organization. Employers must also always show appreciation and recognition for the work that their employers do. When employees feel valued, cared for, have a relationship with their organization, and at least have minimum recruitment and task characteristic present in the organization, they will feel motivated in the workplace. Since one of human resource management’s functions in an organization is to maximize employee performance in order to meet an organization’s goals, employee motivation is something that they should be concerned about (Dessler, G. and Chhinzer, N., 2016). An organization is nothing without its employees, and employees are impractical without the motivation to not only helps an

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