What Is The Capstone Point View Of Orientation Behavior

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Capstone Point View Paper of Origination Behavior Organizational Behavior is the general set of structural foundations of organization structure. Therefore, organization design is a way to apply strategies and plans to achieve administrative goals. Furthermore, it has many foundations and principles which were designed to help people understand the different behavior in a group of people mostly in the workplace. Here are some of the Organizational Behavior that That I learned about in class and I believed they are most important; leadership, culture, motivation, and production. With the knowledge of this entire different behavior one would be able get along better with everyone in the workplace. Leadership is important because without …show more content…
It is important to understand what other employee or like and to know their culture value. Therefore, it is significant in organizations because workers need to be able to communicate with each other. Effective communication is major for the purpose of the company’s development. It is important to note that effective communication allowed people from different areas of the world to achieve goals together in place of business. In class I learned about the big five which is the Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticisms, Openness, and Extraversion. I learned that a conscientiousness person has great influence on job performance, and they do well as a salesperson. While the agreeableness person get along well with people and is also a good team worker. But the neuroticisms person is stable and calm also high in job satisfaction and have good attendance in the workplace. Openness people are creative leaders and they always fine new way to do thing: and they easily adapt to new ideas. Now for extraversion people they interact well with other people: they however tend to be loud and out spoken but they are happy …show more content…
However, some employees need appreciation from their employers to produce quality work. Appreciation and incentive systems identify employees who perform their jobs well.

Organization behavior specialists play a huge important role in the society. If it had not been for the knowledge of the situation in the workplace and how to deal with them companies would be trouble. Therefore, people who practice Organization behavior make the workplace a more peaceful and productive place. The study of organizational behavior is one of the most important foundations in the management skills, as it helps leaders learn from what has succeeded in different places. Also, in this study I learned something’s about me here is some of them. In the “Signature Themes” though the “Gallup CliftonStrenghts” I learned that I love to solve problems, I love to learn, and I live in the moment. And in the “Strengths: High Performing Teams” I learned that all my strengths lies under executing and my ways of wanting things done immediately sometime is not the best way since sometime things can go wrong. This knowledge has a significant and extremely positive impact, on both my personal improvement and as well as in my professional

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