Importance Of Organizational Behavior And Personality

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Organization Behavior and personality go hand in hand. It is impossible to look at Organization Behavior without looking at personality. The following is an assessment of personality in three parts. The first part delves into the Self-Assessment Library Personality test I took. The Self-Assessment Library personality tests are three major tests with several smaller components. The three tests evaluated my individual personality as its own entity, my individual personality and how I interact with others in the workplace, and my individual personality and how it fits with an organization. Secondly, I will cover the importance of the personality test and organizational behavior and more specifically, how the personality test has given me …show more content…
In Dr. Fischer’s article, “The Gospel and Personal Reflection,” he addresses that not looking into people’s different personality’s strengths and weaknesses, we are doing organizations a disservice. Each person’s existence is not shallow. Therefore, organizations and people should take the time to reflect on how each individual impacts his or her organization (Fischer, 2006). The Holy Spirit has worked in my life many times to transform my weaknesses into strengths. As an INTJ personality type, I tend to live in my own world. I am most comfortable thinking over every single detail of a thought before I share it with people. I also prefer smaller groups over larger crowds. Sometimes my ability to communicate my thoughts is a weakness. I believe the Holy Spirit has worked in my life to transform my weakness of communication into a strength by placing challenges in my life. When I got to my first duty station as an Officer, I had a four month wait until the position which I came to the duty station for opened up. I was a brand new junior officer just out of the basic officer course. I had only graduated from college six months earlier. I was still very shy and had a difficult time collecting my thoughts and speaking in front of people I did not yet know. While I was waiting for the position to open up, I was placed in a temporary job which I was responsible for getting information from several companies. I was required to speak to people I did not know at first and I was also required to get up in front of large audiences and speak about things that were still very new to me. After a few weeks, I was effectively speaking in front of groups. I was also able to effectively build rapport with the people in the companies who I was working with. In the end, I felt like the Holy Spirit was working to help me turn my weakness of communication into a strength. INTJ

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