Employee Involvement And Motivation

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This paper applies the concept of employee involvement as it relates to motivation. The second portion of this paper explores the emotional intelligence governed by leadership. The background for this research derives from the textbook, class lectures, scholarly articles, and faith integration. The conclusion of this discussion aids, to understand the significance in employee involvement and emotional intelligence. BUSINESS ISSUES 3

Employee Involvement and Motivation

The term of employee involvement can increase employee productivity (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 225). The process of employee involvement attributes to an increase in the employee perspective involvement (p. 225). This concept increases employee motivation through shared decision-making (p. 225). The end state of this program is to instill a greater commitment to the organization (p. 225). This concept has directly contributed to an increase in employee motivation from the author’s perspective. He has incorporated this technique to instill personal ownership in his subordinates. Next, this discussion will address the term of
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1039). The leadership of a business should work towards improving employee morale and motivation (p. 1040). First, the factor of motivation will determine a workers’ level of commitment to an organization (p. 1040). Next, these factors can develop values that will increase the efficiency within organizations (p. 1040). Companies are discovering the added benefits that motivation can produce such as increase in sales and revenues for corporations (p. 1040). Lastly, the increase in motivation has proven as a tangible management tool in the author’s

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