Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Most often, employers offer health benefits as the most common benefit available. The research has shown that there is more to consider when reviewing a benefits package. When benefits packages are being considered by employees, it is important that the benefits are an overall package that includes benefits, compensation, and rewards.
Employee satisfaction is the most important aspect for Riordan Manufacturing to improve. The employee’s satisfaction audit findings revealed the company’s employees want the following: an improved reward system, adequate HR systems, value as employees, career information and opportunities, effective coaching and feedback, and development opportunities for Riordan Human resources to put into place. Human Resources must devise and implement a strategy in which to improve and create a working environment in which motivation, productivity, and satisfaction is a
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PM systems enable managers and executives to observe how business results generated in the company's many different units combine to influence the enterprise's overall results. A PM system will give executives and managers a comprehensive, high-level view of their organization's performance and an understanding of how the company's different parts work together to produce business results. In many companies that use a PM system, senior executives advocate adoption of the system and manage its implementation. But once the system has been established, all managers and employees in the organization contribute to and use it …show more content…
Goals must be SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time). * Specific. The reward system and development programs must be detailed in writing. A mock design of the new intranet must be made and performance and development forms must be enhanced to meet company and employee needs. * Measurable. A detailed project plan must be put in place to measure the end state goals. The project plan will map out various stages of the project and track progress as well as any obstacles that may hinder achieving results. * Agreed Upon. All relevant stakeholders must be involved in the decision making of each milestone of the project. If there are disagreements, all parties must revisit the measuring phase. * Realistic. Determine whether or not the goals are realistic and can be accomplished in a timely manner. * Time. Time is of the essence in any project. Determine if each phase of the project is mapped out correctly and can be accomplished timely. Track each phase of the plan with weekly checkpoints to ensure the timelines to not need to be

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