Job Satisfaction At The Management Department Essay

1498 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
Job satisfaction in the management department Enjoying yourself at work will always help with the stress level. As a manager or even CEO of a franchise your customers should be satisfied and for them to have received the best customer service ever. As for employees you want them doing the best at their job keeping the company flowing efficiently, and customers you want them to keep coming back and investing money into the company. It’s just not as easy it sounds, though it’s more to it than just to tell everyone to be satisfied. In order to be satisfied, boosting employee satisfaction is one thing that could help the company. Managers should be more concerned about their employees and should work to prevent job burnout, stress, and to work in a fun environment so that job satisfaction and customer service can increase.
Employee satisfaction is important to business, management because that’s how the customers stay happy and loyal. In Foltz, John, and Jay article “Is there such thing as work/life balance?” They established that employee satisfaction is very important and can help at the workplace; “A manager who wants to build an exceptional team of productive and motivated employees probably won’t stop with what happens at work” (Foltz, John, Jay. Par. 14 Web.) Managers should show appreciation toward employees and let the company pay for some events for their kids or even present them with gift cards to show their appreciation. The University of Missouri issued a news…

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