Essay On Stress In The Workplace

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Stress in the workforce has become a huge matter amongst employees and employers. There is much controversy on whether or not the workforce should look to reduce stress on the job, or if stress is needed to get the job done. There should be more effort towards lessening work induce stress. Although there is plenty of good reasons why stress is “required” for the workforce, the facts that argue as to why it should be extracted from one’s workplace is by far more statistical. For example, studies show that “64 percent of the employees sometimes faced work-induced stress,” most of which was for the worse (Nizami, Prasad124). Even though stress can be good in some cases employers should work towards getting rid of it as there is just too much in the workforce. Many ideas have been brought up on how to …show more content…
Many people argue that without stress the workforce could not possibly function correctly, as the employers would never be worried about getting their job done. This is why there is so much controversy on whether or not stress should be eliminated from the workforce. People that argue how stress is actually better for the workforce say “it can stimulate creativity and productivity” (Maxon 1). Most researchers that have found stress to be a good thing in one’s workplace have come to the conclusion that eliminating stress could harm companies in major ways. Especially considering that their research points towards stress actually making employees do their work. Employers could completely go out of business if there is not enough work being done due to none of the workers worrying about getting their job finished. Also employers and many others believe that it is not the work that causes people to be overwhelmed by stress, but it is actually due to problems outside of the

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