Job Enrichment: The Principles Of Goal Setting In Case

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The principles of goal setting in this case are applied through the work, tasks, duties, assignments and responsibilities that all of the employees do. The leaders of the company look over each and every one of their departments and organize those goals at different levels. Those four levels are as follows, from most thorough to least thorough:

· Re-engineering – usually done by the higher levels of administration; when a department or organization goes through a re-evaluation process. Policies, missions, business structures and any other attributes are looked over.

· Restructuring – also done by the higher levels of administration; when the re-engineering process returns a verdict of “change is imminent”, thus the
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The principles of job enrichment are applied in this case if HIM feels that certain problems may need to be solved in order to improve and promote a more positive working environment. Some problems and solutions that are associated with job enrichment are as follows:


· Boredom on the job

· Careless errors that should have not been made

· Tardiness often

· If absenteeism is common

· Low moral amongst employees

· Only an average amount of work is getting done

· Work is repetitive

· Low accountability

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If employees are given more work to do, and are not qualified to do it, too many things could go wrong and customers may report employees to management.

The impact that job enrichment has on motivation in the HIS departments is that employees are motivated to do more and to do better if they see that their superiors want to bestow more work upon them. To the employee, it establishes a higher level of trust. If there are opportunities for promotion within the company, the employee may be even more motivated to take on the extra

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