Essay on Job Design For Employee Motivation

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Job design is when a position is deliberately planned to include specific tasks and goals and includes work demands, job control, and social support that ultimately leads to higher output. Job design can greatly impact employee motivation. One of the most common job design models is called the Job Characteristics Model. The job characteristics model includes skill variety, task variety, task significance, job autonomy, and feedback. Skill variety involves the amount of different skills and abilities an employee is able to utilize in their role. Task variety includes a variety of tasks that are required to complete a specific job. Task identity is the ability to accomplish a specific task to the end. Task significance is how significant an employee views their task in terms of others and the business Job autonomy is the freedom to precede with a specific task in a self-directed manner. Through research it has been determined that job design plays a large role in employee satisfaction and elevating the performance of employees. (Ali & Zia-ur-Rehman 70-79).
The role of the healthcare manager is vital in the job design process. When designing a job a manager should look at the job characteristics listed in the Job Characteristics model and find ways to incorporate them into a job description for employees. By taking the time to design and implement a job description that allows an employee to use a variety of skills and abilities the employee may feel more engaged with work…

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