Albatross Anchor Case Study

Register to read the introduction… To stay within compliance the company should follow US Safety and environmental standards and update technology to meet these standards. An improvement in technology will increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the plant and a plan to implement these changes should be done over the span of 3 to 5 years. This time frame to update technology allows enough time for the updates to be made effectively and the new machines to be produced. The administrative offices are shabby, disorganized, and run inefficiently. Improving technology here will increase efficiency and effectiveness as well. The administrative offices should be updated with new technology and ergonomic offices with plans to ensure they stay updated by updated computers and software technology every three …show more content…
This will not only update key safety and environmental standards, it will also deter Albatross Anchor from having to pay fines or be closed down in the future if they have repeated violations. In order to help with this alignment with the U. S. environmental and safety standards the remodel to the production area needs to be completed. The remodel will move the foundry and the production machines to the far end of the building and put the warehouse on the same side as shipping and receiving department near the administration office. This remodel will allow Albatross Anchor to bring up the plant to U.S. safety and environmental …show more content…
Employees feel empowered because their contribution is making a difference to the company. To increase employee dedication and increase morale implementing both profit sharing and gainsharing allows the employees to see that their performance is directly related to the financial objectives of the company
Operational Issue Three:
Job Design is an operational issue that Albatross Anchor might be facing. Is the right person in the right role? This directly correlates to job design. Every employee cannot perform every function within a company certain employees are better suited to roles than others. Frederick Herzberg identified attributes that make a potential job design a good fit (Russell & Taylor III, 2011). Employees that are well suited to their jobs are more likely to be happy and stay at their job. They will be happier because they will not be ill suited to handle the task at hand.
Operational Issue

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