Job Corps Essay

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Job Corps offers opportunities to receive academic and professional success. Because of this, I have several reasons for enrolling in this program. My first reason is I did not succeed in passing the high school graduation test. Secondly, this is another chance to prove to myself that I can do it. Thirdly, my son needs to know just as much as I do that he should never give up on anything ever in life. People do not realize that in life they must take advantage of the opportunities given and stay focused on success. Although this was a second chance, for me it is the beginning of a new life, And a great life for my family, My first reason for attending Job Corps was I did not pass the high school graduation test. When I did not …show more content…
There were times when I wanted to give up AGAIN, but someone was always there to pull me back up and tell me that I can do it. Knowing that there are others that care about me and will encourage me to reach my goal is sometimes overwhelming, but again without Job Corps staff are the best,. AndBut the moments when I experienced their care and concern are times in my life that I will cherish. Ultimately, my son was my motivation. He is the reason that I am determined to complete my time at Job Corps and to pursue further education. Many decisions that I have made has because I want to be an positive influence to my son. I am grateful that Job Corps has many accommodations that make it easier for parents to attend the program. My son is enrolled in the child care program and I have seen him advance socially and educationally as well. My son, Jaylin Petty, makes me a better decision maker because I am a mother. He also makes me self-less because I do not have the will to think only of myself; his presence in my life makes me consider others too. He is positive reinforcement and his “I love you” alleviates stress that I may have encountered at the Job Corps and in life.
I know coming to Job Corps was one of the best decisions that I could have made for my life. I started a phase that surprised me more than anything is this world. I am proud of myself, and this something that I will never take for

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