Jfk Leadership Traits

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Deneicen Fernandez
Mrs. Pickett
English 10, A-3
November 13, 2015
Important and Valuable Leadership Traits Throughout time in history, we’ve gained various types of leaders depending on race, gender, and religion. With these leaders, comes a big difference in traits in each leader. It’s hard to choose a few traits that make up a leader when there are numerous valuable traits a leader should have. The three valuable and important traits found in a leader are hard-working, an open-mind, and selflessness. The one trait listed of the three is selflessness. In order to keep a group of followers, even a whole nation of citizens, a leader has to be selfless in situations such as making decisions. In this case, it was Mother Teresa. Born and raised
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The best person to represent this trait is John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As the 35th President of the United States, he was a visionary. One of Kennedy’s greatest projects during his presidency from 1961-1963 was the Moon Project. It was one of the many projects Kennedy was determined to complete and became the most dedicated scientific project in 20 years. John F. Kennedy not only was determined towards projects, but towards ideas as well. One of his greatest ideas was his ideas on solving the consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Soviets, leading to a peaceful partnership with the Russians (Collier). Also during his presidency, he was able to share his visions of a better futuristic America. Kennedy’s visions for a better country as a president during the Cold War were very successful. John F. Kennedy’s presidency only lasted two years and ten months, but in this short amount of time America and other countries could see the great open-mind Kennedy had (Hald-Mortensen). An open-mind can lead their followers and themselves to greatness, leading this to being the second valuable and important trait of the …show more content…
For a leader to be able to succeed their position as a leader, they must have the trait hard-working. For Amelia Mary Earhart, to succeed in her flying career she worked hard. Amelia’s passion for flying first began when she volunteered in the Red Cross during World War 2 with her older sister, attending mostly wounded airmen. Full of admiration for flying, she worked multiple jobs to pay off her flying lessons from Anita Snook (Biography.com). After various flights were completed, Amelia didn’t stop there. In 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to make a transatlantic flight alone. She didn’t just work hard in her flying but to raise the position of the role of woman at the time. In the 1990s she designed a line of clothing for woman who were active and especially for that time of year (Amelia Earhart Museum). Despite her troubled past, Amelia never stopped working hard. In result, she became a leader to woman and others. Representing this trait very well, this trait is valuable and important in a leader leading it to be the one of the three listed. Three different people and three different traits important to find in a leader: hard-working as Amelia Earhart, open-minded as John F. Kennedy, and selfless as Mother Teresa. These three traits will bring out the greatest leaders of history, leaving them to be more recognized for their traits that led them to where they were or are today. In order for a

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