Jesus ' Life, Death, And Resurrection Essay

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Jesus is a prominent figure in the New Testament. Among other topics, we learn about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Throughout the life of Jesus, specifically in the Gospel of Mark, He is called many different names. We know from Angel Gabriel’s appearance to Mary that He is the Son of God, but there is a deeper message. Having been raised Roman Catholic and attended a Catholic school since pre-k, I have always had my times where I doubted who Jesus truly was. My religion teaches me that He is the right hand of the father and that He will be at judgment day, but it wasn’t until I read the Gospel of Mark that I found a true understanding of who Jesus is. The Gospel of Mark begins with John the Baptist’s claim of what I believe to be the first attribute of who Jesus truly is. John says that Jesus, who will baptize people with the Holy Spirit, has much more power than he does. John is the first to put Jesus as someone with authority. The twelve apostles also recognize Jesus as someone with authority because people obey His every wish. This thought of Jesus as authoritative continued when the wind and sea obeyed Him, and calmed from just a few of his facile, humble words. When the Pharisees demanded a sign from Him, He denied their generation any sign of His power. Jesus asserted his authority without ever saying so or being overbearing. He did so by spreading the word that those who followed him and listened would be the ones God would welcome into the Kingdom of…

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