Jennie Finch : An American Softball Player Essay

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Born on September 30, 1980, Jennie Finch is an American softball player whom many young girls idolize. She had much success in at the collegiate and professional level, earning her many championships and awards. Finch has become softball 's most dominant and infamous softball player and one of the most respected athletes in all of professional sports. She has since retired from playing the game of softball but continues to advocate her love for the sport and its influence it can have on women around the world. Jennie Finch grew up in California with a family that deeply loved baseball. Her mother was a huge Dodger 's fan, she watched her brother 's grow up playing baseball, and she could not have been more excited when her father signed her up for t-ball around her fifth birthday. From the start, Jennie showed signs of being a successful athlete. She had a strong arm and was bigger than the rest of her teammates, but it wasn 't until age eight that she began pitching. Once her father recognized her abillity, he began to do anything in his power to help her succeed. He constructed a batting cage in their backyard where Jennie would pitch to him for hours on end and when he was not home, she was able to pitch to a small trampoline that he created for her as a target. With her dad as her personal coach, she started gaining success as a pitcher and joined a ten year old traveling softball team when she was nine. Finch and her family spent many weekends at different…

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