Jackie Robinson's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

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Jackie Robinson stated ,¨ A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives.¨ Jackie Robinson took his own advice to heart. Throughout his lifetime he tried to set an example for other African American athletes. Robinson fought for what was right and broke a color barrier to play professional baseball. Robinson, the first African American major league baseball player, not only aided the Dodgers in winning the world series, but he was also a positive influence for black athletes in the advancement of the Civil Rights Movement.
Jackie Robinson's early life he lived with his mother and his siblings. He was born January 31, 1919, in Georgia. In 1920 he moved to California with his mom and shined in five sports at Muir high
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He had to leave early though because of financial reasons. In 1942 he was enlisted into the army and was creditably discharged in 1944. He later was married to Rachel issum in 1946. In 1947 he started his career of being a professional athlete. He played for the Royals before being picked to play with the Dodgers. He was outstanding playing for the Royals in an all negro league. Robinson lead the batting average in the league at a .349 and fielding at .985. He was the best negro baseball player in the league. After a year of playing for the Royals, Robinson was promoted to the big leagues, also called the major league, full of only white baseball players. The harassment had begun for Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson had been promoted to the Dodgers in major league baseball. Even before Robinson had been brought to the team he was
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Robinson wore the number forty-two as a Dodger. The number forty-two is now retired to all teams in major baseball. Jackie was an amazing man, after his career as a baseball player, he went on to being a businessman. Jackie ended his career with a .311 batting average. He died October 24, 1972 of heart problems. Jackie Robinson, the first African american baseball player.
“Jackie Robinson is a true legend.” says Sidney Poitier. Jackie Robinson was the first major league baseball player. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Obviously Jackie Robinson left baseball as a hero and legend. Jackie Robinson was not only the first African american baseball, but he broke a colored barrier and had an influence on all black athletes and the Civil Rights

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