Jcpenney Retail Strategy Essay

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Fair and Square Retail Strategic Analysis: JC Penny Professor Maria Kalamas MKTG 4300/01 Basic Retailing- Spring 2012

Team Shopaholics Anonymous Vaughan Alexander | Marshall Gingles | Sean Lehnherr | Aftiam Ramli | Juan Torres

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Introduction 01
Multipart Analysis of the Retailing Mix Customers 04
Customer Service 05
Merchandise 07
Logistics 09
Price 11
Advertising & Promotion 12
Trading Area &
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Below our team will go into the inner workings of the JCPenney corporation in hopes to not only discover their retail strategy but to also look at the evolution of the company and where it may be heading.
JCPenney has always kept the strategy in mind to offer discounted but good quality products to its customer so it’s natural that price conscious shoppers have been drawn to the retailer over the years. These shoppers are usually in the upper lower too middle class. With the upper-lower class JCPenney wanted to offer a brand that can be afforded by all. The lower class have a lower disposable income so to attract these customers past ads would dedicate pages to what was formally known as “Blow out Clearance”. These sections would promote clearanced items starting at 50% and ultimately going to a discounted price of 80%. The middle class, those making between $40,000-$60,000 a year, is the primary target market for JCPenney. They wish to appeal to this class by offering a trendy clothing assortment but still maintain a price that will be within acceptable ranges. Prior to the pricing restructure JCPenney would have major sales during peak times of the year focused on bringing in this demographic. The company wanted to appeal to all of its target market and in previous years it was through weekend or seasonal sales. These sales, such as “Back to

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