Jcpenney Advertising Strategy

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Advertisement strategies
There are times when paying close attention to the surroundings, we noticed that there are different advertisements that suggest to buy and acquired the desired item that seems so appealing and attractive to have. The different strategies that companies use are nothing new, so people are being targeted to explore and feel what it is to be different. Advertisements are a great choice to make people fall in this addictive cycle that is becoming more common among younger generations. There are different ways companies advertise their products like, magazine ads, radio commercials, TV commercial, and junk mail. In particular, there is this ad that I found in the mail that caught my attention because the ad was advertising
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In addition, the format of this ad is in basic print and photoshop edited, and is distributed as a complimentary advertisement to the public. Most of the time people will receive this favorable ads in their junk mail for their convenience. Not to mentioned, when I was reading the content of the ad I noticed that Jcpenney provides Acuvue Contact lenses, so to be honest this is the reason why I kept the ad. Therefore, I might find cheaper deals for this particular brand at Jcpenney than any other store. Again, the ad may look simple at first glance, but once you start going through it you will see that they advertise Ray Ban’s eyewear, which is one of the favorites among the popularity. Other convenient fact about this ad by using Logos is that JcPenney provides its own website at the end of the ad, so potential consumers can look for more variety of brands and designs for their own commodity in their …show more content…
With this intention, there are two punctums that I found in the image, one of them, I believe, is the glasses that the young lady is wearing in the ad. The thick dark frame glasses drawn my eyes right onto them reminded me at the same time when I was in high school and the trendy black frame glasses were a hit, so in this case Pathos strategy is involved. The second punctum that I found on the image was the huge red number ninety nine on the left hand side of the image. This number in reality is psychologically tricky for consumers because people think that ninety nine is way less than one hundred, and in my own experience it automatically persuaded me as well. The two punctums are at the same height, and I would think that they are even competing with one another, therefore; these are possible situations that we encounter all the time when it comes to spending. Almost all advertisements involve ethos, pathos, and logos, but our decision depends on what we want to believe and what appeals to us. There is going to be different things that will catch our attention even if it may not be obvious like finding specific punctums on the images, but definitely persuade us to buy and

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