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For my jazz performance event, I had the opportunity to attend the Club Heritage Faculty Showcase. This showcase was a part of the jazz series. The group that performed was called Jeremy Long Quartet. At the concert, Jeremy Long Quartet preformed some Jazz classics as well as some original songs. The concert showcase was on Tuesday, October 2016 at 7:30pm Shriver Center, Heritage Room. There were several performers that participated in the showcase. One of the performers, Jeremy Long, played the Saxophone. He is the professor of Saxophone at Miami University. Phil DeGreg was another performer who played the Piano. He is a professor of Jazz studies at the University of Cincinnati. One of the other performers was Aaron Jacob who played the Bass. The final performer who participated in the Club Heritage Faculty Showcase was Anthony Lee, who played the drums. …show more content…
During the showcase, it felt as though I was part of a movie. The lights were dimed very low and gave off an enchanting, calming vibe. Many of the other people who attended the showcase sat towards the front and were seated around round tables. The concert was very crowded. In fact, so many more people attended that the staff had not prepared enough tables and chairs. Many of the unexpected guests had to stand in the back of the room. The feeling of the environment and the soft lighting allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the music without very few distractions. The musicians preformed songs that crossed different jazz styles. One of the songs the preformed was “You and The Night and The Music,” by Frank Sinatra. Sinatra’s song had a fast tempo compared to some of the slower, smooth jazz songs that were performed earlier in the showcase. The fast tempo was a nice change of pace in the concert. Many people would categorize a lot of Frank Sinatra’s music as lounge

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