Jack Welch : The Reasons For Dysfunctions Of The Team Essay

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In this week discussion post I will share my perspective on what I think Jack Welch might say are the reasons for dysfunctions of the team. After reading this week reading the material, I believe Jack Welch would say the most common reasons for dysfunctions of a team are ego, lack of openness, trust, communication (unwanted obligations and dealing with people) and accountability (blame). Ego
I think everyone has had a group experience with the Mikey 's and Nicks in the group. These two individuals had a hard time giving their teammates credit for their efforts, they spoke poorly about their teammates and even to their boss Kathryn. For instance, when Kathryn suggested that Mikey should have been at the Green Banana meeting and discussed how they could manage the financial investing in individual departments within the company and Nick stomped on her opinion by saying "Mikey is not going to add value to this conversation. This has nothing to with public relations or advertising. This is the strategy...With all due respect Kathryn, you might be a fine executive when it comes to leading meetings and improving teamwork. But you do not know squat about our business. I think you should defer to Jeff and me when it comes to things like this." (Lencioni,p. 120). Nick think he runs the show. He blatantly disrespected her authority in front her team. Whether someone is in the room or not no one should overstep. There is nothing wrong with someone speaking their mind. However, that…

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