Iwamoto Crews Coe Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Upon these findings, recommendations were provided to Iwamoto and her partners.
Current Website Review
The initial review by Team A was coordinated using a distinct set of parameters – company culture, client perspective and technology perspective. This method provides a more objective result when determining the positive and negative elements of the website, and allows the team to formulate a collective recommendation for the site’s improvements.
Home Page
The first order of business for evaluation began with the IC² landing page or home page. The page is very static and begins on the “About Us” category (Figure 1). Though the storyline provides a detailed history of the personal life of the owner and is important for understanding the culture of IC², this information should be consigned to a subheading rather than on the main
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No additional interactive media or photos appear to pique interest and promote questions. The current mapping structure is sufficient for ease-of-use but deeper breadcrumbing is necessary to keep the visitor seeking answers within the site. Figure 2 – Current IC² Site Map Use of the left side panel would provide further interactive features for clients to use. By including all of the headings for services under one heading “Our Services”, each of the headings would be listed as subtopics on the side panel. This method would also apply to the “About Us” and other defined headings (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Proposed IC² Site Map
With this format, more media content will fill the editable area of the page and the currently selected heading with the company color scheme and logo will always be displayed. This type of branding promotes familiarity with visitors and eye recognition when the site is viewed again at a later
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The website and its content are protected by copyright laws preventing businesses from using this information outside of relations with, or for, IC². The new theme of the site lends IC² credibility and the fresh design will attract new visitors the way the company mission is delivered to users.
With content submission by IC², Team A will generate vivid slide shows using Flash, and create high quality videos showing the professional services offered by the firm. The only social networking site link will initially be “LinkedIn”, a business communication site geared towards working professionals. It will be deemed by IC² whether additional links to other social sites will be included.
These new media techniques will stimulate curiosity and create a relationship for marketing and promotion of the business process. IC² professional business image will be supported by impressive visuals, effective layout and easy navigation. Usability and

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