Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation: Case Study

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The Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC is a workforce solution group for the city of Detroit which stems from Michigan Works!. This organization aids employers in the City of Detroit, with finding potential employees and job seekers to hire. DESC receives its funding from the federal government. Funds received from the federal government can only be used for programs and initiatives that are outlined by the Office of Management and Budget. DESC reports to the Detroit Workforce Development Board, which was established by the office of the mayor.
The purpose of this site is to assist job seekers, returning citizens, veterans, and youth with finding “one-stop services” near them to help with building their education, skills, and work experience.
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This scale was created to help compare how well a website operates looking at explicit criteria. The criteria chosen in this illustration aligns with the four criteria listed in this evaluation. Regulatory compliance (access to information), ambiguity (navigation, readability), and modifications and updates (maintenance and user interface).
Looking at the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation website, the biggest strength is the access to information. They provide a plethora of information for job seekers to enhance their skills and seek employment, as well as information for employers on how to contract DESC. I would recommend DESC to update their website with current news stories that would be beneficial to clients new to the job market and articles on the importance of having an education and obtaining new skills. As I browsed their site, the last article posted with an actual date is from July 2016. Weekly news/blog posts help keep DESC circulating and citizen engagement

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