Valor Doors Foundation Case Study

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Valor Doors Foundation: Overview
Valor Doors Foundation (VDF) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in assisting "at risk homeless" or transitioning veterans with long term employment in the home remodeling industry.
Vision and Philosophy
Our vision is to become an apprenticeship program in home repair for motivated veterans that are attached to Veterans Court Diversion programs and that are discharging from Veterans Affairs inpatient rehab facilities. We will provide job placement for our veterans upon certificate completion.
Valor Doors Foundations' objective is to be a win-win for both veteran and society.
• While the veteran is performing OJT in home repair; the communities are being revamped.
Our objective
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Notably, the Veterans Affair and RAND research supports this claim:

Apprenticeship and OJT program
During the admittance process
We administer an exit assessment that is tailored to our vision and philosophy for veterans:
• 10 days prior to discharge from Veterans Affairs’ inpatient facilities
• At any phase of the Veterans Court Diversion court program Our mission is to alleviate apprehension for 'Veteran Diversion Court' officials in regards to veteran graduation rates, by facilitating a controlled environment, and meeting all requirements set forth by the court. Goals :
• 100-percent graduation rate in Veterans Court Diversion program
• Licenses and trade certificates in home repair
• Job placement
• Save tax dollars by optimizing HUD-VASH vouchers (HUD VASH vouchers are going to the wrong people)
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Two Navy Veterans that served together as flight deck crewmen aboard the USS Harry Truman.
Birkinsha served from June, 2006 to March, 2011 and went on 2 deployments in the Persian Gulf during both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom war campaigns.
Brian Parker served in the Navy from Jan 2010 until Feb 2013. Parker went on 1 deployment in the Persian Gulf during Operation Enduring Freedom. Later he endured an injury on the flight deck in which the military granted him medically separated.
Birkinsha and Parker started Valor Doors Foundation due to experiencing similar hardships while transitioning to civilian life.
Still looking to serve, they've dedicated themselves to an organization that helps other veterans who’ve gone through similar hardships and strive to enhance veterans’ quality of

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