It Is The State Championship And Your Team Came Up From Being An Underdog

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It is the state championship and your team came up from being an underdog. You are much smaller than the number one team in the state but still find a way to keep the game tied. You are the senior quarterback and it would mean everything if you won. The fans are all in the stands screaming and you smile as you take in your last time under the Friday night lights. There is two minutes left in the second half and the ball gets snapped on the third down at the 20 yard line. You catch the ball and look around frantically. All you receivers are covered and you decide you have to run, but before you can move a 300 pound linebacker slams you to the ground. A flag is thrown but it is too late, everything goes black, after a few seconds you regain sight, but you are still in a daze. You slowly stand up but fall over immediately. You have a few seconds to rest while the ref is checking on you, your head is pounding as you feel the concussion, but you want to keep playing. Your coach leaves it up to you, and you step back out onto the field. You are now at the 15 yard line and the ball is snapped. You make eye contact with your wide receiver and past the ball, it sails through the air. As you watch it leave your hand you see the same linebacker out of the corner of your eye. Everything goes black again, but this time you don’t wake up. This situation shows how risky football really is, and reveals the cost of the game, much like many other real situations. Many people, however, feel…

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