Is Online Education More Effective Than Traditional Classrooms?

777 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
In a fast growing society, getting an education is important to an individual’s success. But sometimes obtaining a college degree can be challenging. In today society many individuals are very busy, and simply don’t have the time to go school. Between a full time job, kids, and not being able to commute back and forth to a campus can be a hassle for people. With technology advancing rapidly many schools are taking to virtual learning because it is easier and convenient. But is online education more effective than traditional classrooms? Furthering your education is a big decision and not meant to take lightly. Now days employers are require more skills and higher education beyond a high school diploma. But finding the right school takes a lot of thought and consideration of one’s life. Not like a traditional 17 year old college student with less responsibility, but older adults who have families and may not be able to go into a traditional classroom should consider other alternative learning. Online education is being implemented all over in colleges in the United States. A study was conducted to show the effectiveness of online modules vs traditional live lecture. In comparison, online modules (OLM) performed better than traditional live lecture (TLL). According to Phillips, “Students randomized to the OLM group performed better on the quiz compared with those in the TLL group (mean score 55% vs. 48%, respectively, p = 0.039); scores on final-exam questions…

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