Is It Always On The Internet Essay examples

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Always on
Summary: In this chapter, Turkle talks about how everyone is so always on the Internet. At first Turkle talks about how everyone gets to create their own identity online and how there are things accessible online that aren’t accessible in the real world. Everyone thinks they are presenting themselves in a different manner when really there are just portraying themselves in a way they wanted to be viewed. She brings up how many ordinary people have invited insomnia into their lives by checking their e-mail, and doing other things online right before they go to bed. She then goes one to talk about how when people are on vacations, they’re physically in their vacation spot but mentally they are still at home. When teenagers go on vacation they bring their whole life with them instead of enjoying the vacation. They receive countless texts and check social media and none of their friends usually know that they were gone. She then talks about “Second Life” which is a website where people create an avatar and live their lives online and can get an education, get married, etc. online. Turkle then worries about how technology is robbing us from real experiences and real people.
Response: I agree that we depend too much on technology nowadays and teenagers are constantly on their phones. Everything on our cellular phones, computers, tablets, etc. keep us disconnected from the real world. It is much easier to talk about your feelings online than it is to talk about them with…

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