Is It A Mix Of Emotions For Me? Essay

1021 Words Sep 18th, 2015 null Page
Personally, Online Higher Educations Individualist Fallacy is a mix of emotions for me. He is basically stating online education is not the same as at college on a campus. Of course, college has its advantages with surrounding yourself with other students eager to learn, but who says everyone is actually there to learn?
Courses online, depending on which school you take them through, diverge in levels of criteria, also depending on the degree you are aiming for. For example, you are majoring In Physics; Physics is the study of the entire universe, studying stars far beyond our earth, to explaining the simple things like why water is shaped in a droplet. It’s a study of the world around you. While others seek a degree in say Education, research confirms years of evidence that students that go to college with low SAT scores can graduate with the highest scores and improvements. The criteria required emphasizes on classroom management and oral presentations, apparently they are hard to master but easy enough to learn. Altogether, I would say it really depends on your major, dedication and your ability to learn.
Neem states, “There is a difference between being on a campus with other students and teachers committed to learning and sitting at home.” I have a class that I am currently enrolled in, often I find myself asking “Why I am in this classroom?” I learn nothing from this lady, her notes are always blurry, and every single student is unable to read them. She talks in…

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