Is Getting A College Education Worth It? Essay

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Is Getting a College Education Worth it?
Attending college is one of the most difficult decisions any seventeen or eighteen year old will make. The pressure these young adults face during this time is extremely tangible. Countless hours are spent filling out applications, searching for unique scholarships, and traveling the nation in order to find the school that best fits the individual. According to recent studies, around thirty five percent of college students drop out during their first year. In 2014, statistics show that seventy two percent of high school graduates attend college. So the question arises, what is the point of investing so much time and money into education? This question leads us to the controversial subject, is getting a college education worth it? Two members of the Debate Club, Craig Brandon and Julie Margetta Morgan, express their views over the argument.
Many people have multiple different views over this very relevant topic. Craig Brandon is a national award winning author of seven popular histories and public affairs books as well as a former award-winning newspaper reporter. A couple years ago, Craig Brandon wrote the article, “With College, Only Motivated Need Apply” in his article Brandon starts off by explaining, “It depends on the kind of student you are talking about. A student who is intelligent, motivated, engaged, and has a clear career goal should get a degree and it would be a crime not to send her to the best college possible” (1).…

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