Is Eric Artis A Man Of The Human Resources Department At Aurora Medical Center

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If you were asked one question, one question that would determine your future, do you know how you would respond? If I were to ask you, what is one thing that you would do for free, and enjoy doing it? What would your reply be, do you know? Eric Artis a man of many talents, and known as the Head of the Human Resources Department at Aurora Medical Center, helped me identify how I choose where I want to be, what it is that I want to do, by asking me one simple question. What would I do that I enjoy and would accept doing it for free? This set the tone for the rest of the interview as everything Eric and I discussed was centered on distinguishing what set’s you aside from others and where you would best be able to flourish. Eric attained his Masters from Colorado State University in Business prior to spending quite some time in the military. Eric has twelve plus years of experience in the healthcare field, including working for the Department of Commerce in Wyoming. Despite the fact that when obtaining his business degree, he did not foresee himself in the healthcare field, let alone running the Human Resources department among 5 different campuses he now runs over six different centers and works alongside of 75 team leaders. If Eric taught me anything from telling me about his experience and how he studied second in command for many years before landing the lead management position its that there is value within experience, work experience, however it requires you to have a…

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