Is Child Behavior Better or Worse Today Than It Was Years Ago?

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Is a child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?

Are things better now or worse than a years ago? It calls for a reflective and honest look as history.
It all just depends on the kids you are looking at. You always can find the bad ones and the there are always good ones.

ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE Parents determine the behavior of their children. If a parent is willing to take the time and work at being consistent,children benefit.
If you say "no",it must mean"no".It may mean that as a parent, you must get off that sofa and physically STOP a child from misbehaving; even requiring the child to remain in a "time out" location for inappropriate behavior.
Parents who try to discipline their
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-Beating Death

Structure-setting a strong foundation for a successful future.any expert will tell you that every child needs structure to flourish- especially teens. As parents today we face an even greater challenge because of working parents, more activities and mobility of kids and teens, communication devices and networking websites. The purpose of the Parent Teen /Child Behavior contracts is to create a structure that eliminates gray areas, creates new habits, and helps create a peaceful home with more contentment and less chaos. Parent Contracts behavior charts and behavior contracts were design for parents with children or teens who need a little guidance with rules, respect,and boundaries. We created the parent child contracts in an easy to use format and anyone can download the file to a MAC or PC computer. The parent teen agreements can be printed and filled out easily. The parent contract elements are displayed on different pages so you can use any parent child agreement you'd like or throw away a certain behavior contract that don't need to be used in your home with your youth. The teen /child behavior contracts were developed by troubled teen industry experts. This included professionals who have worked with defiant youth and used successful behavior modifacation tools including their own teen

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