Essay about Is Bullying A Problem?

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There are many issues in America, but there is one issue that is a huge problem. The number one social issue in America today is bullying. Bullying is a problem everywhere in America. Not only is it a huge problem in schools almost everywhere, it is also a huge problem on social media. But there are solutions to this problem. First of all the victim shouldn’t keep the fact that they are being bullied a secret to themselves. They should report it to someone they can trust. Then they should elevate their self-esteem. In other words they should believe in themselves and not let anyone put them down. And finally they really need confront the bully. Once they stand up to them the bully is going to have second thoughts about ever being a bully. However some victims are afraid to stand up to the bully because of their race or some other physical or psychological issue they might have. Victims of bullying need to stand up and confront the person or people who are bullying them. But there are some students/victims that can’t because of their race or they might have a disability. There is an article called “Are Students with Asthma at Increased Risk for Being a Victim of Bullying in School or Cyberspace?”(Young-Gibson 2014) states that people with asthma are at higher risk of being bullied than people without asthma. Using the 2011 Florida YRBS (The Youth Risk Behavior Survey) the people examined whether or not students were at higher risk of being bullied. In the article there are a…

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