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Recently, an employee from New Orleans has been accused of stealing upwards of $39,000 worth of iPhone's from the store where he was employed. This incident is far from isolated as there are countless YouTube videos and reports of similar thefts from around the world. The reality that their smartphone may attract danger hasn't exactly excited legions of Apple fans. It might be a large enough issue for them to downgrade.


It's well known that Sprint treats their employees worse than a bag of rocks but apparently, their employees aren't respected much either. One Sprint employee in New Orleans made his frustrations public when he was caught stealing more than $39,000 worth iPhone's from the Sprint store of which he was employed. The 42-year-old was charged with 64 counts of computer fraud according to local police reports. While the case is still under investigation one can assume this is just one of thousands of similar incidents that occur around the world on a daily basis.
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On the YouTube channel, Funniest Videos of YT, one man on a subway in Hungary is shown snatching an iPhone from the clutches of an unsuspecting woman, only to make his escape just as the train takes off. Afterwards, the woman is clearly devasted, yet for some reason, YouTube sees this as comical. Perhaps a smartphone cost that woman her entire life savings. Maybe she received it as a gift from her recently deceased father. Whatever significance that device might hold for her the fact is, stealing smartphones is wrong but becoming all too popular. Will it be enough for Apple fans to reconsider their purchase?


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