The Iphone Is The Best Smartphone

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When the iPhone was introduced back in 2007, it became a successful product in a short amount of time. It offered many features that other competitors did not offer and was just a more appealing cell phone to buy. However, as time progressed, many of the iPhone’s competitors began to offer the same features as the iPhone and some even surpassed the amount offered towards customers. Now in 2015, it is difficult for one to say which exactly is the best smartphone due to the variety of options. Even though other companies like Samsung and HTC have compelling phones, I believe the iPhone is the best smartphone as of right now. The typical customer buys a smartphone with the expectations of it lasting for at least two years or more. Some do not …show more content…
This popularity and small amount of models gives the iPhone some advantages over others. Starting off, it makes developing applications on the iPhone easier. There are significantly less iPhone models than there is Android, for example, which has hundreds of different models of phones. This means if an app is created on both platforms, more than likely it will be better optimize and contain more features on the iPhone than on Android. This occurs because on an iPhone, the developer only has to concern that their app operates smoothly on a couple of phones whereas with Android, they have to worry about hundreds of phones. Therefore, it makes developing apps more simplistic and easier on iPhones, which gives the user a better app and better experience. In addition, as mentioned before, the iPhone is the more popular platform; therefore the potential to make a profit is greater with iPhones. Companies will then be more likely to give support and offer exclusive items to the iPhone rather than on other smartphones due to the it being the platform where all the attention is located. For example, there are many apps and games offered on the iPhone, where it cannot be found on Android. This effect can also be seen with accessories produced by other companies. Compared to any smartphone, the iPhone clearly has more accessories than any Android or Windows phone. As seen with popular retail stores like Wal-Mart or Best Buy, there is always a bigger section of accessories for the iPhone than for other phones. For instance, the company Lifeproof always offers their waterproof cases to iPhones, where it is sometimes missing for other smartphones. The iPhone’s popularity gives the user more variety in options when choosing an accessory and having more options is always a

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