Interview Is the Best Method in Selection of Every Potential Employee.

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To: The University of Sunderland
From: Phong Yi Wen
Date: 1st April 2013
Subject: Interview is the best method in selection of every potential employee. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Selection
Selection consist the process involved in choosing from applicants a suitable candidate to fill a post. During the selection, different methods can be used including tests as this may improve the chance for getting the best candidate and at the same time make sure the process is fair. As the applicant, applicant will think about what selection method will be use when they were writing the job description and person specification. It is important to spend for time planning as this may help applicant to select the best candidate for the job.
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We just need to sure what is the next step is.
While for the third types of interview will be individual interview. Individual interview was known as personal interview and it is the most common type which use by the companies. It’s typically one-to-one exchange in organization office. Normally the interview will take 30 minutes and between these 30 minutes you can think and give the best answer which can help you to convince the company to hire you. Furthermore, you may also use some specific examples to support your answer which asked by the organization.

Small group or committee interview will be the forth way for interviewing. Through this interview section, the organizations can investigate the candidates’ attitude, motivation and choose the best candidate among them. And, no matter who asked the question you still need to have eye contact with everyone. It is important to set up the report with each member of the interview team.
The fifth type of the interview will be the second or one-site interview. Applicants still have to back for second date after their first interview. Through the second date, the organization will choose to know more about you and make for their final decision. This kind of interview may include 4-5 persons include HR, head of department, supervisor and office stuff. To let yourself perform well, you must not to be anxious and worried as it may affect the final performance.

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