Interrogative Communication Essay: Analysis Of Fail By Kelvin Soh

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(1)Analysis of email
Communication can be occur in our routine life. However, inefficient communication may lead to misunderstandings or arguments.
Complaint email is not only written to grumble others but also written to deal with a problem that people facing. In the beginning of the email that written by Kelvin Soh, he keep blaming the company but not trying to explain what the mistake they have done for him. The agitated tone and the expression showing anger are the problems that made the situation became very unclear and more disordered, so the receiver may get confused and the standpoint of the sender may weaken. In fact, we must try not to being emotional when expressing our emotion. It is because human easily effected by the emotion
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For example, the sender used a lot of interrogative sentences that throughout whole text like “You know what?”, “You don’t know?” and much more. It seems like ironically scolding the company but not really asking the questions. The negative words used in the email such as ‘throw this at your face’, ‘incompetent’, ‘lousy’ and so on are all pretty rude and useless. This informal and disrespectful language may lead to the receiver not takes it seriously. Sender should stop using the unfriendly words and rationally communicate with the problem maker, or do not email when mad.
Last but not least, the content of this email is not succinct. The sender write a lot of irrelevant message like “my friend”, “moving house” that make the content long-winded and unconstructive. Therefore, what the sender should do is to calmly specifies his case for the receiver to understand, try to give some of the constructive suggestions and feedbacks that helpful to the company. So, they can do things to correct their error and to improve their operation in the future.
A great writting communication skills can avoid some trouble in life. An effective email should be concise, less emotion, respect others and only highlight the main point. However, email is about solving problems, not creating.
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Please forgive the not thoughtful service we have given and accept the sincere apologies from our company. I assure that we will take the essential steps to solve your problem and will also not let it occur in the future.
After a careful review of your case, I have found out the reasons that lead to the error happened. One of our service staff member had entered your address to the wrong database which classified as commercial. It is because we have just installed the new computer system and our staff have still not acquainted with it. Moreover, the TV set-top box which you returned was put to the incorrect place by our staff. I recognize that it was definitely a mistake from us and we take full responsibility for this situation.
In our attempt to avoid such problems happen again and retain you as our valuable customer, we are going to remit the fee of your network plan for the first month you use and provide you with a new TV set-top box for free. Furthermore, we will create the useful training sessions for all of our staff and place the best server on call during peak hours, try to improve our service quality as possible as we can. I hope that this will correct the mistake we have made and you will also satisfied with these

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