Essay about Internships : Paid Or Unpaid Internships

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Internships: Paid or Unpaid Internships for college students is the gateway to the work force, it gives the person a little taste of the major they have chosen. Some companies offer paid or unpaid internships, but it is up to undergraduates to choose which s/he will benefit from. I know that when I get my bachelors in Speech Pathology, I will be required to do an internship. Personally a paid internship will benefit me more for many reasons, but to any average person like myself these reasons would be best to think about. A paid internship would be the best choice because of benefits and wages, gaining experience, and getting hired full-time. I have never met someone or ever heard of someone who has said “I like to work for free”. Why would any college student want an unpaid internship when they have rent, loans, and food to pay for? Kamanetz even points out “Lost wages and living expenses are significant considerations for the two-thirds of students who need loans to get through college” (584). It shouldn’t be legal for someone to do a full-time paying job and not get at least minimum wage. Employers who pay their interns “…at least minimum wage to these highly motivated and educated individuals would provide further incentive for them to work even harder to gain full-time employment.” (Ambinder and Lusher). When it comes to benefits, unpaid interns only get workers compensation. They will not receive any vacation time, sick leave, or insurance like the paid interns will.…

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