Internal And External Factors That Affect Students ' Academic Performance

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Investigations on the academic performances of students seem to be exhausted as it has been investigated from diverse perspectives with history aged back to the beginning of education. Examples of investigations done in examining the factors that either contribute to or hinder students’ academic performance include that of Principe (2005) conducted in Puerto Rico, the author examines internal and external factors that influence students’ performance limiting his study to accounting class. From the author’s findings, it was argued that internal classroom environment contributes positively to students’ academic performance.

Nevertheless, it was as well argued, the combination of both internal and external factors had no statistical influence on students’ academic performance. In similar investigations by Akessa and Dhufera (2015), Considine and Zappala (2002) conducted in Ethiopia and Australia at different times, the authors argued factors such as parent 's educational level, family occupation, and family economic status to influence students’ academic performance. While in the opinion of Mushtaq and Khan (2012), surveying Pakistani students argued students’ approach towards communication, family guidance, and family stress, and learning facilities to be the determinant of students’ academic performance. Whereas, an earlier investigation by Wenglinsky (2001) remarks teacher and students’ relationship as one factor that contributes solely to students’ academic performance…

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