Interactive Marketing : A Marketing Communication Tool On The World Wide Web

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Followed by interactive marketing as a marketing communication tool on the World Wide Web. In this sense, firms use “online activities and programs designed to engage customers or prospects directly or indirectly to raise awareness, improve image, or elicit sales of products and services” (Kotler and Keller, pp. 478). This aspect particularly includes advertising on web sites, company blogs, email messaging, and catalogs. The goal is to customize the product to the individual as much as possible, then advertise the customize product as it is to the customer for purchase in order for them to continue to use the website or explore other features on the website. Similar to that of what online gaming companies do to sell the product to the individual. Another concept under the interactive marketing aspect in marketing communications for the purposes of advertising includes more up-to-date messaging that’s normally done in a quicker fashion than any of the other marketing communication advertising tools. Plus, the fact that the marketing is indeed interactive. Websites like Proactive and Life and Casualty Insurance sites use more of an interactive approach to win the customer over, because realistically the product has to be customized to that of the individual versus them to the product. Therefore, the interactive experience is just that about the buyer-seller experience. In the interactive approach, the World Wide Web specifically provides online ads that would be in…

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