Intelligence Quotient And Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Learning Emotional Intelligence
The word “intelligence” is often used to describe the traits that are defined by theories of general intelligence, and its usage in everyday language suggests that it is being used to refer to scope of knowledge, rather than an ability to grasp concepts. However, there are many different types of intelligence. One of these intelligences, is emotional intelligence (EI). Whereas general intelligence, and the methods by which it is measured, such as an intelligence quotient (IQ) test is well-known, emotional intelligence is becoming more relevant to the general public, and it is now considered more important than intelligence quotient measures by experts, in terms of determining an individual 's success. Despite the fact that innate cognitive ability is a factor in determining certain aspects of emotional intelligence, there is evidence to suggest that unlike an intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence as a whole can be improved over time. Thus, it is important to examine how emotional intelligence can be learned, in terms of its definition in relation to the definition of intelligence, the two different types of emotional intelligence, and the methods by which emotional intelligence can be taught.
The concept of intelligence is widely debated. While there exists many different theories of intelligence, and theories defining different types of intelligence, not all of these forms of intelligence can be easily explained in terms of the…

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