Essay about Intelligence Of Intelligence And Creativity

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The terms of intelligence and creativity have been expressed from different psychological perspectives. Wisdom can be defined as the power to correctly judge the course of action, based on knowledge, experience and understanding. Many decades ago intelligence was considered by the result obtained in intelligence tests, the result was divided in two parts, IQ and chronological coefficient. Intelligence tests "measure intelligence", and indeed, focused on two types of intelligence: verbal and analytical. Intelligence tests have changed relatively over time. From the nineties centuries’, intelligence is mostly described as the ability to familiarize with the environment. An intelligent person is the one who obtains the skills to adapt to many environmental changes. In my opinion, each individual has a certain kind of intelligence that will facilitate certain actions or have a tendency to behave in certain ways. There are eight types of intelligences: Logic intelligence, linguistic intelligence, body intelligence, musical intelligence, spatial intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence.
On the other hand, there are many characteristics of creativity. In my personal opinion, a definition of creativity would be to incorporate the ability to take existing objects and combine them in different ways to achieve new objectives. Experts state that creativity, motivation for the task, relevant knowledge in the area of knowledge,…

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