Essay Integration Into The Workplace Process

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Integration into the workplace is a process people go through from High level to entry level positions. The process is made by the employee and aided by co-workers and management, to hopefully make your integration a positive experience. This case study will focus on integration into the VFX industry as an entry level position like a Technical Director. Using Workplace Essential Skills or soft skills the following points cover key skills that help you integrate into the VFX workplace. Using the skills, you will be able to think about workplace environment and relationships between co-workers and how you view them and interact with them from a better perspective largely helping your workplace integration skills into the VFX industry as and entry level Technical Director.

In our current situation workers need to check more and more boxes to be considered for a position. Having to integrate into the work place and meet the requirements of the job for both technical skills and essential skills can be a difficult process for an entry level worker.
“the modern workplace requires workers to have higher essential skills levels in order to succeed.” (Luft, 2005, p.2) Luft explains that workers are having to have higher Interpersonal soft skills or what she calls them Workplace Essential Skills (WES) to meet the standards of our modern workplace. Luft Describes Essential skills as “skills that enable people to do their work”. (Luft, 2005, p.3). being able to recognise the skills…

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