Essay on Instructional Philosophies : Dr. Kowalski

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Instructional Philosophies Dr. Kowalski played a major role in inspiring me to become a teacher. However, I gained more inspiration in my Introduction to Education class with Dr. Jeremy Brueck. If I do not have fun teaching a lesson then I know my students are not having fun in learning it. I believe that Dr. Brueck sticks true to that too. There have been many different learning tools that he has used throughout his class. A favorite of mine includes an activity called Fishbowl. There is a group of students who are working on a topic and the students who are not in the group are thinking critically about what is being said. Those students respond online where everyone’s statements are seen throughout the whole class. It is a useful tool for students who do not like speaking in public. Another resource is Pear Deck. We used this online resource to take quizzes to test our knowledge. It is different than the paper pencil test or quizzes because it shows results immediately. It is a good way to compare where each student is in the classroom. He is using OSTP Standard 4: Instruction very well in his classroom. Teachers need to use technology in their classrooms that effectively helps learning (ODE, 2011). There have been many activities that has encouraged collaboration. We have worked in groups to create posters, do presentations, and to participate in games. After college, no matter what career someone is in, collaboration will always be an essential skill to have. After…

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